Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what happened yesterday . . .

Yesterday was an awakening. I attended a get Motivated seminar. Not unlike the motivational things I read and do on a daily basis. I saw Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Zig Ziglar and about six other personalities. All of them said things that I hear all the time and sometimes practice.

Where my enlightenment came from was the lady I sat next to. I met a woman with whom we had a conversation while waiting for the seminar to begin. I found myself just flowing like a river to her. She did the same. It was like we manifested ourselves to each other. I can't remember how our conversation began all I can remember is what I gained from it. I think I found my passion or my calling ~ she helped me figure it out. Oh, I forgot to mention, she is a counselor. Not just any counselor but one who travels. The people that need her pay for her flight to her, her housing and her consultation. Nice. Anyway, that is what she summized from our mutual conversation. I already had a very strong interest in it. Due to what I do at work along with my awareness of living through what I have ~ even she said what I was thinking ~ the two marry together!

She was truly an inspiration for me. It was what I needed. She also thanked me for my conversation because I helped her with some things also. I could have gotten up and left that seminar fully satisfied for the day and the seminar hadn't even begun. How often do we/you/I meet someone that can make a difference in your life and you do the same for them. The fact that I made a difference to her was the cherry on top for me.

I did learn from the seminar that the past doesn't matter. A quote from Zig Ziglar ~ "It's not what you have lost, it's what you do with what you've got left." I like that!

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