Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I read my last post . . . WTF!!!! I literally had a pity party and posted it. I think I’m over it now. WOW WOW WOW. I am glad that I got it out. Boy have things changed since then!!!! I have since moved. I moved 2,836 miles or 4,563.12 Kilometers away. Funny how things go in life. The way I am wired I think the universe was waiting for me to vocalize what was going on with me so that I could purge and then let me live life. Well, if that was so . . . it worked
Six months prior to me writing that post I was accepted in a program at work where I travel all over the United States. I get orders in my e-mail and go wherever I am needed and work. Two months here 4 months there . . . Maryland . . . Seattle . . . Vegas . . . Los Angeles . . . I love it. It’s something that I have wanted to do when my daughter graduated from high school. Well the universe provided . . . and I got it. Out of 183 people I was chosen . . . feels like it was meant to be!!!

So I go on the road and then I am homeported.
I am needed back home. So I’m home for 2- 3 months . . . then I write the post. Not long after that I received another gift I asked from the universe . . . it provided. An opportunity to transfer to a tropical island came open. I hesitated a day, applied and was approved to transfer in four hours. WTF?????? What do you do when you get what you want? Do you take it . . . I did!

Okay, so now I travel and I am moving to a tropical island (2,836 miles away) ~ what do I do?
What would you do???? Me too . . . I did it. I was given until January to show up at my new location. Mind you I have lived in my home one year longer than I have had my daughter . . . she’s 19. Yep, 18 years of living in a house. I wasn’t as bad as the “Hoarder”, however I felt that way. I had a lot of living in that house. After procrastinating, I asked for help to get the house emptied. Had friends over. Only one friend actually saw this project through with me and when I left. We started late October and the house was not completed until March 2011. Yes, three months after I moved. It was a mess. She worked with my mother and things got done. Talk about invaluable friends. Who would do that for someone? I am so blessed!!!!
Needless to say now the house is on the selling block. My mom is handling that at the amount of guilt runs through my veins. My mother’s impeccable credit has been going away because we are short selling but that takes a while and the bank is foreclosing. I believe the short selling will prevail but with the foreclosure actions of the bank the credit slowly slips away and the bottom line ~ you still get to sell your home but your credit is gone. Shitty.

I’m working through that. Once I got to the island . . . 7 days later I have orders to go on th
e road. To this day since January 2011 I have been home (the island) approximately 2 ½ - 3 weeks total this year. I love travelling. I live in an efficiency apartment. I don’t have a car yet so every time I go home I have to rent. I am determined to have one by the time I return a month from tomorrow.

I’m in Michigan now for two months – half way through now. I am enjoying my stay – just so long as I am out of here before the cold weather sets in.

Well that’s my life in scroll down the page!!! Oh . . . one more new thing. My daughter goes back to school to start her second year. I apply for a loan and try to be a co-signer for her on a school loan. We’re/I’m denied. It’s the wrath of the house – it has hit my credit. So, she went to Financial Aid and made a deal and she is in school. She is so determined. I love the crazy girl . . . even tho the streak of bitchiness surfaces every now and then. Love her!!!!!

Needless to say, I am out of the funk I apparently was in last year. I LOVE LIFE!!!! I am starting to love me more too.

I’m a little weary from writing . . . so I will add another time. Not too sure if I am proofing this. Not feeling it right n
ow – oh well.