Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life's Lessons . . .

So, as the saga continues, it seems that in life we make our mistakes and learn from them.  We also make mistakes and continuously make the same mistakes over and over again.  Sometimes we never learn and others we do.

Well I hope this is a lesson that was surely learned from action.

To follow up on my daughters latest plight . . . she was given a do-able sentence from the judge.  The judge said that she had to submit to 3 random urine tests and she had to complete a six week on-line drug class.  Not only that, when everything is completed she can get her record expunged from the system, which means that she will have a clean record!  Woo Hoo!!!!  This is the information that we needed to hear.  She’s relieved and so am I!  This is a lesson that has surely been learned by the both of us!!  In my eyes this is the last time that I plan on being involved with my daughter + police + drugs, etc.

The relief has been lifted. Because I am such a worrier type of person I will feel better in 6 – 8 weeks when I know that this is all behind us and she is totally out of the system.  It guess it is what it is . . . life goes on!

What kills me the most is how people said this stuff just happens.  I must have been living in a bubble.  None of my friends have had this scare or situation happen to them at all - I haven't.  I have a wide assortment of friends/associates.  I knew the ones that were trouble, it was expected!  Now for the majority of the ones I hung around – it just didn’t happen.  So when you surround yourself around these types of people, "the good people",  you just think that the possibility of your child being exposed to the “bad elements” just couldn’t be possible.  As life goes on you try to expose and teach the children to the things that you would like for them to know when they enter the world like making decisions, choosing the people they surround themselves with, making up their bed every day, wearing clean underwear, etc . . . you know, the important things in life!  But as we all know we can only do so much.

 You let them out of the house and now they are exposed to the elements and situations that we all have to deal with as adults . . .  young adults.  Hmmm . . . you start thinking really? . . .  did I miss some subjects in the life lessons in the home schooling sessions for the last 18 years?  Well I’ve realized that no we/I didn’t.  I gave her the tools to deal with life . . . what happens are the choices that she made in the situations that presented themselves to her . . . CHOICES is the key.  The tools were there!

Well it’s not quite a happy ending like in the fairy book stories I used to read her  . . . it’s more like happy ending for now . . . .