Thursday, October 29, 2009

Uuugghh . . .

Okay, so I wake up this a.m. and it's still white outside. I let my dog out. He's bouncing around the backyard like a little bunny. Oh, did I fail to mention that my dog is a 72 lb. black lab. Yeah, he was bouncing around the snow drifts in my backyard. So I guess you know how much I am loving this weather. I don't watch the news but from facebook my friends are all a buzz that this was supposed to be a storm that we haven't had in 10 years. Sorry, I'm still not impressed. All of the schools are closed and I heard some banks. Okay, I was raised in New York City ~ NOTHIN shuts down in the Apple. I guess as long as I have lived in the mid-west (it's been a while) the "pussiness" of the weather and how everything shuts down kills me. I think all my frustration comes from the fact that I am not gone from this and oh . . . now I'm still locked up in my house so I have to continue to clean. (Maybe that's the bottom line - it's a little misdirected wouldn't you say?)

I got issues . . .

To continue on with my procrastination - I grabbed my daughter and we tackled her room. It is such a struggle to get her to clean her room by herself (she lives in the basement), but if I join her (which she needs - I'm embarrassed to put a picture of the wrecking site online) we get a lot accomplished! Which we did. Didn't get it all done. That's gonna take a couple more weeks (no lie) but we a did a lot and believe it - we had fun!

So now that God has seen fit that I need to do more I am going to do my normal morning meditation and accomplish some more feats. Although, I am going to break away from it early and do some reading. I love to read. I go back to work tomorrow (I'm off on Wednesdays and Thursdays) maybe that stuff outside will see fit for me to make a dollar or so!!!

Oh . . . Freecycle is in my area - Oh Happy Day!!

Have a great day!!!

P.S. You know this is a great day to have a man and take advantage of him or vice versa . . . ah . . . someday!!! :~) Peace!

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