Wednesday, October 28, 2009

procrastination pays off . . .

Okay, just a few hours ago I posted "get up off your ass." So, as you can see I did a little procrastination - but before you frown at me, check this out.

I get on my favorite blogs. I thought that before I get started cleaning I could read some blogs. Helps me think and smile sometimes.

Well I get on this blog - f8hasit and she posted a blog that I believe will help me (freecycle). I am giving you this link to pay it forward via the blogging world and I hope it is in my city so I can participate in it. Thank you so much again. Here's the blog. I would give you the link to the actual program but the blog is worth reading!!! Here you be:

Back to work I go!!!!!!


  1. Aren't you a sweetie linking my blog! That makes me all warm fuzzy.

    It IS a great program. But it's even greater that you felt the same.
    Thank YOU!

  2. No problem. If it's something good I'm gonna share the love!!!!