Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Awakening . . . really?

Okay, daughter turned 20 four days ago . . . gulp!!! GULP again . . . It is really an eye opener.  Can you believe she and I will be the same age in 9 years!!!!  WTF!!!  Even she acknowledged that.  It’s good the daughter is on the same page you know?

Lots has happened with her.  She’s had some dealings with the law.  Everyone told me that all kids do this . . . well I never did it . . . nor did I think that my child would do it.  So I have gone into Mother Mode . . . I HATE Mother Mode.  She got busted with possession of the wacky tobaky!!  I found out she was smoking it about a year ago.  I had the discussion of the choices you make in life . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah.  Well now she’s in the moment of the Mom “I told you so” phase of life.  My mother always said . . . I raised you right . . . the decisions you make after that are beyond my control – but you know what is wrong and what is right. 

Well, her school has suspended her indefinitely . . . her grades this semester were the best she’s ever had (makes you wonder if the tobaky might have something to do with that.!?)  She was suspended right before mid-terms.  She’s going to have to do the semester over.  1st Semester of the sophomore year . . . Uuuuggghh!!!!  She still has to go to court to get the charges dropped or dismissed and the school will take her back.  This morning, waking me up, her history professor called me and suggested that I go to the school and speak to the president of the school . . . damn right I’m going to do that.  Thing is, I know she was wrong.  But from what everyone is telling me . . . she’s doing what apparently everyone else has done – except for me!!!  So the saga continues.  Court date is next week.  She’s doing all of this by herself.  She found a lawyer that I could afford – barely.  She’s handling this. 

Outside of this, my child has been the SHIT!!!!  She’s on her own in a state that we have no family and she is doing her thing.  She is very aware that this is the first and last time mom is stepping in.  She was raised knowing this.  In fact, she reminded me of this when I retained the lawyer.  So something else happens . . . hope she has some good friends.

About 2:30 p.m.
As for me, I am still on the road.  I’m in Alaska now.  Very interesting tour for me.  Nothing to do here – I’m in a remote area (very beautiful).  You would think that I could get some writing or sex or something going on.  No such luck. As the days go we are losing our sun and it’s down to 5 hours a day of sunlight.  Everyday we lose sunlight.  By the time I leave I’m told we will have only one hour of sun.  All I do is sleep.  But today I am writing . . . good thing . . . hope I’m expressing well.  I forgot about the blog so I hope to focus a little more on this now.  As for sex . . . it’s been 2 years now.  What’s funny is that I haven’t dried up or gone crazy.  I’m just wetter and hoping I can trust someone to release. . you feel me!  (that has to happen soon!! )

All of the stuff you hear about Alaska and the men . . . well I am nowhere near any of those areas.  So eventually when I get where I can explode I will let you know.  Meanwhile, I will continue to write my poetry and talk to you all. 

Right now, I’m thankful for my travels and having my mom and daughter with whom I love . . . and of course you guys!!!

~ peace

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