Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friendship across the miles . . .

So my best friend sends me a text that a mutual friend of ours was coming by her place and she wanted to skype when he got there.  I agreed.  So we skype each other and my bff is there with our mutual friend, Lance.  It was so good to see them both.  To be across the miles and see the two people that I hang out with, talk to, share secrets with, and drink with right in front of me was surreal.  Don’t get me wrong I skype all the time but to have your bff’s on the other side of the screen makes a big difference.  The three of us each had drinks and started to catch up with each other.

Well Lance is Russian and as we are drinking he’s feeling good.  So he disappears and returns with a cd.  He puts the cd in the laptop and the music starts to play.  It some techno music with a beat.  A typical Russian dance club song.  All of a sudden Lance moves the computer camera and he starts to strip!!!  Yes, strip!!!!  He stripped all the way down to his black briefs.  Baby!!!!  He was already gorgeous with his clothes on . . . can I tell you how much more better looking he got as they came off.  (hmmmm . . . is that the distance talking and the 2 yrs) . . . anyway he’s moving and grooving.  I’m waving dollar bills on the screen, my bff is in the background enjoying it right along with me.  My God!!!! What a sweet treat I got this afternoon!!!!!

Now that’s what I call a good friend!!!  The gift that just keeps on giving!! 
So we’re all talking and sharing.  Not only am I going through something called Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, winter blues  here in the artic.  Now I have my friends there smiling, talking and drinking in the cyber world with me.  I couldn’t take much more of the fun. 

I ended our conversation seconds before the tears started to fall . . . . I never cry . . . I can say it was a sad but good cry.  Best part, my Bff called me back cause she knew how I felt and we had to get off the phone cause she was going to do the same.

Friendship across the miles . . . . eHe

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