Friday, July 31, 2009

another day . . .

Okay, yeah I haven't done much contemplating on this out the box next move thing. I'm hoping that as the days progress I will be made aware and I just jump on it! So, I thought this evening would be enlightening. I was supposed to go to my high school reunion - the ice breaker tonight. Apparently, it must have been cancelled because I showed and no one was there and they didn't do the golf earlier that day either. I was kind of looking forward to it. I wasn't necessarily close to anyone in high school here in Colorado but there were a few people I was hoping to connect with. The ones I had fun with! Anyway that didn't happen. I won't be attending anything else this weekend due to my schedule. Oh well. I did go to a place downtown where a friend was playing in a band. It was so soothing to be in the bar/restaurant by myself just chillin - listening to the band which was really good. I can say I did make an internal step - I felt so sexy being there. Just my whole aura was feeling it. My friend in the band kind of killed it because he had some friends there and they asked me to join. I wasn't feeling conversation at this point. But being nice I joined them. Not to long after that some friends did show. But for that hour or so I felt so good and confident in myself.

So a small step was made. Until tomorrow the quest continues. Michael, find a way to comment if you can ~ would love to get your feedback!!

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