Tuesday, November 3, 2009

moon chasing . . .

I found myself chasing the moon tonight. I was returning from the post office and turned down the main street that lead to my home. As soon as I came around the turn of the road I almost pulled over and hit the sidewalk. I could not believe what I saw.

I gazed at a huge, when I say huge I mean very large moon that was staring at me and waiting for me at the end of the road. So I drive towards the moon. Mind you I have passed my turn for my house. I wanted to get to a spot where I could really see this magnet. As I drive the moon is getting lower and the house at the end of the street was getting a taller and the moon disappeared. I almost freaked. I went down another road looking for the moon - I couldn't find it. I was so frustrated. So now I'm almost two miles away from the house and there is no moon. I started to think that this was a fluke sighting. I didn't like that.

So I decided to go back to the road I was on when I saw it in the beginning. I kept on looking back because I was traveling in the opposite direction I was in when I first saw it. I'm not seeing anything. I almost gave up, then in my rear view mirror guess who peeped out of nowhere . . .

I had to stop. I pulled over and parked down an off street. Went back out to the main street and sat down on a bus stop bench. I was so mesmerized by the glow, size, and there was something else but I can't place it. I saw outside on this bench for close to 45 minutes staring at this marvel of nature. It made me feel warm. It made me feel.

You know seeing things like this, I so appreciate life so much more. Like I do periodically, I sent a choice number of friends a text to check the moon out because they will never see it again like this in their lifetimes. All this nature stuff is a one time shot in a lifetime. You may see something closely similar in the future but you will never see it as it is when you see it for the first time. That's why so many of us take life for granted most of the time cause we think it's the same thing over and over.

I have given up on trying to capture these moments on film, etc. Like when I met that guy the other night, I just want to enjoy the experience and rely on my memories. All of these things are the reason I've got a smile on my face at times!!!

peace and enjoy the moment!!

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